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Workshop: New Frontiers in Adversarial Machine Learning

Synthetic Dataset Generation for Adversarial Machine Learning Research

Xiruo Liu · Shibani Singh · Cory Cornelius · Colin Busho · Mike Tan · Anindya Paul · Jason Martin


Existing adversarial example research focuses on digitally inserted perturbations on top of existing natural image datasets. This construction of adversarial examples is not realistic because it may be difficult, or even impossible, for an attacker to deploy such an attack in the real-world due to sensing and environmental effects. To better understand adversarial examples against cyber-physical systems, we propose approximating the real-world through simulation. In this paper we describe our synthetic dataset generation tool that enables scalable collection of such a synthetic dataset with realistic adversarial examples. We use the CARLA simulator to collect such a dataset and demonstrate simulated attacks that undergo the same environmental transforms and processing as real-world images. Our tools have been used to collect datasets to help evaluate the efficacy of adversarial examples, and can be found at https://willaddincameraready_version.

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