An exact solver for the Weston-Watkins SVM subproblem

Yutong Wang · Clay Scott


Keywords: [ Kernel Methods ] [ Algorithms ]

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Wed 21 Jul 9 a.m. PDT — 11 a.m. PDT
Spotlight presentation: Kernel Methods
Wed 21 Jul 7 a.m. PDT — 8 a.m. PDT


Recent empirical evidence suggests that the Weston-Watkins support vector machine is among the best performing multiclass extensions of the binary SVM. Current state-of-the-art solvers repeatedly solve a particular subproblem approximately using an iterative strategy. In this work, we propose an algorithm that solves the subproblem exactly using a novel reparametrization of the Weston-Watkins dual problem. For linear WW-SVMs, our solver shows significant speed-up over the state-of-the-art solver when the number of classes is large. Our exact subproblem solver also allows us to prove linear convergence of the overall solver.

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