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Workshop: ICML Workshop on Human in the Loop Learning (HILL)

Personalizing Pretrained Models

Mina Khan · Advait Rane · Pattie Maes


Self-supervised or weakly supervised models trained on large-scale datasets have shown sample-efficient transfer to diverse datasets in few-shot settings. We consider how upstream pretrained models can be leveraged for downstream few-shot, multilabel, and continual learning tasks. Our model CLIPPER (CLIP-PERsonalized) uses image representations from CLIP, a large-scale image representation learning model trained using weak natural language supervision. We developed a technique, called Multi-label Weight Imprinting (MWI), for multi-label, continual, and few-shot learning, and CLIPPER uses MWI with image representations from CLIP. We evaluated CLIPPER on 10 single-label and 5 multi-label datasets. Our model shows robust and competitive performance, and we set new benchmarks for few-shot, multi-label, and continual learning. Our lightweight technique is also compute-efficient and enables privacy-preserving applications as the data is not sent to the upstream model for fine-tuning. Thus, we enable few-shot, multilabel, and continual learning in compute-efficient and privacy-preserving settings.

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