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ICML 2019 Workshops FAQ

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Friday, June 14 & Saturday, June 15

Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach

1. Where are the accepted workshops listed?

Workshop Schedule

2. I want to edit the organizers, abstract or schedule for my workshop. How do I do this?

  1. Under the Calls menu on, visit Workshop Application. (If you have multiple applications, you will need to select one of them.)
  2. You may change your application as often as needed during the meeting including changing or re-ordering the organizers and updating the abstract. These changes should automatically reflect in the online schedule, the Workshop PDF download, (and in the mobile application with some delay once it's released). 
  3. On the first page of your workshop application where you set the Title, there is a button in the lower right that lets you edit the schedule of your workshop. Be sure to watch the amaturish Video tutorial for the schedule editor.
  4. After you edit your workshop abstracts, organizers, or schedule, you may want to verify that it looks okay in the program.  Click here (may take up to 30 seconds). 

3. I'm putting out a call for papers for my workshop: any recommended deadlines?

Yes, by all means. Please aim to send accept/reject notifications 6 weeks before the conference begins. The reason for this is many speakers and presenters will require a visa to attend, and people will also need to make travel arrangements in advance. ICML will provide a full registration refund to workshop presenters who are denied a visa or who get no answer before the meeting starts according to our cancellation policy

We also ask you to please add your final list of workshop speakers in the workshop schedule by May 9 (one month before the meeting). Listing your speakers in the schedule using the schedule editor linked above will allow your speakers get a stronger invitation letter.

4. What schedule guidelines should I follow? Are there common coffee breaks, start/end times?

We're not enforcing a common schedule, but we suggest that you consider our break schedule

5. I want to cater a lunch for my workshop. Who should I contact?

Food and Beverage Service will be exclusively managed by Premier Food Services.  Please use The Exhibitor Order form to place any food orders for your booth or any meeting place within the Long Beach Convention Center.

6. I want my workshop to be video recorded, how do I do this?

We are recording and livestreaming all workshops in 2019. A signed recording consent form is required for everyone who is recorded. Download the consent form here.   If you do not want your workshop recorded and streamed, let us know immediately by emailing Andrea Brown <>; in addition, ask the videographer filming to turn off the camera for anyone who does not want to be recorded. 

7. Posters: what format? How will they be put up and where?

All posters will be presented inside the room you workshop takes place in. There are no poster boards at workshops. Posters are taped to the wall.  Posters should be on light weight paper, not laminated.

Please ask your presenters to make their posters posters 24W x 36H inches or 61 x 91 cm.

8. Some of my invited speakers need visa letters, how do I get them one?

Edit the scheudle as metioned above using the button on the first page of you workshop application. It's important that you have your invited participants listed in the schedule editor using their account email; this ensures that their visa letter of invitation is correctly annotated with their presentation in your workshop. Doing this early and correctly will help your participants get a strong visa letter as they register. Only paid registrants can get an invitation letter.  Many workshop speakers assume that becuase they're speaking, they don't need to register. All workshop participants are required to have a workshop ticket in order to gain access to the workshop area in the convention center. Invitation Letters are available for download on the registration page. 

9. Complimentary Tickets

Each workshop is given 4 complimentary tickets per full day.  Some points to consider when allocating complimentary passes:

  • Only the workshop's primary contact can allocate complimentary tickets.
  • You have until one week after the meeting to allocate complimentary tickets.
  • Complimentary tickets are not subject to a sell out, even if the venue runs out of space. 
  • If you give a complimentary ticket to someone that has already registered, they will receive a refund to their credit card for their existing registration fees.
  • A complimentary ticket covers the full conference.

The primary contact should visit the workshop application's first page to assign complimentary passes.  Workshop Applications.

10. Will provide funding for the speakers in my workshop?

ICML does not provide travel funding for workshop speakers. In the past, some workshops have sought and received funding from external sources to bring in outside speakers. Any outside funding must be handled independently of . 

ICML provides 4 complimentary tickets to the organizers of each workshop. These may be given to anyone including yourself, your students, or your presenters. Once the comps are given, any conference fees the recipient has paid are refunded. For that reason, they cannot be retracted once given. You may assign these comp tickets on the first page of your application using the button in the lower left.

The meeting doesn't look like it will sell out this year. However if it does, these tickets are not subject to the sellout; if you are concerned, consider waiting until a few days before the conference to use them in case the reserve tickets are gone and you still need to get someone in to present at your workshop. You may apply your comps for up to 1 week after the meeting. 

11. I want to swap the day of my workshop, how do I do this?

Please reach out to organizers of workshops on the day you want to change to. If you do reach an agreement, please reach out to us before finalizing the decision so this can be reflected correctly in the schedule.

12. Publicizing your workshop 

When publicizing your workshop or competition, you may mention the hashtag #ICML2019


Arthur Gretton & Honglak Lee
*2019 Workshop Co-Chairs

Technical issues with workshop submission go to