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Random Shuffle Transformer for Image Restoration

Jie Xiao · Xueyang Fu · Man Zhou · Hongjian Liu · Zheng-Jun Zha

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Non-local interactions play a vital role in boosting performance for image restoration. However, local window Transformer has been preferred due to its efficiency for processing high-resolution images. The superiority in efficiency comes at the cost of sacrificing the ability to model non-local interactions. In this paper, we present that local window Transformer can also function as modeling non-local interactions. The counterintuitive function is based on the permutation-equivariance of self-attention. The basic principle is quite simple: by randomly shuffling the input, local self-attention also has the potential to model non-local interactions without introducing extra parameters. Our random shuffle strategy enjoys elegant theoretical guarantees in extending the local scope. The resulting Transformer dubbed ShuffleFormer is capable of processing high-resolution images efficiently while modeling non-local interactions. Extensive experiments demonstrate the effectiveness of ShuffleFormer across a variety of image restoration tasks, including image denoising, deraining, and deblurring. Code is available at

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