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Meta-SAGE: Scale Meta-Learning Scheduled Adaptation with Guided Exploration for Mitigating Scale Shift on Combinatorial Optimization

Jiwoo Son · Minsu Kim · Hyeonah Kim · Jinkyoo Park

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This paper proposes Meta-SAGE, a novel approach for improving the scalability of deep reinforcement learning models for combinatorial optimization (CO) tasks. Our method adapts pre-trained models to larger-scale problems in test time by suggesting two components: a scale meta-learner (SML) and scheduled adaptation with guided exploration (SAGE). First, SML transforms the context embedding for subsequent adaptation of SAGE based on scale information. Then, SAGE adjusts the model parameters dedicated to the context embedding for a specific instance. SAGE introduces locality bias, which encourages selecting nearby locations to determine the next location. The locality bias gradually decays as the model is adapted to the target instance. Results show that Meta-SAGE outperforms previous adaptation methods and significantly improves scalability in representative CO tasks. Our source code is available at

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