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PFNs4BO: In-Context Learning for Bayesian Optimization

Samuel Gabriel Müller · Matthias Feurer · Noah Hollmann · Frank Hutter

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In this paper, we use Prior-data Fitted Networks (PFNs) as a flexible surrogate for Bayesian Optimization (BO). PFNs are neural processes that are trained to approximate the posterior predictive distribution (PPD) through in-context learning on any prior distribution that can be efficiently sampled from. We describe how this flexibility can be exploited for surrogate modeling in BO. We use PFNs to mimic a naive Gaussian process (GP), an advanced GP, and a Bayesian Neural Network (BNN). In addition, we show how to incorporate further information into the prior, such as allowing hints about the position of optima (user priors), ignoring irrelevant dimensions, and performing non-myopic BO by learning the acquisition function. The flexibility underlying these extensions opens up vast possibilities for using PFNs for BO. We demonstrate the usefulness of PFNs for BO in a large-scale evaluation on artificial GP samples and three different hyperparameter optimization testbeds: HPO-B, Bayesmark, and PD1. We publish code alongside trained models at

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