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From Hypergraph Energy Functions to Hypergraph Neural Networks

Yuxin Wang · Quan Gan · Xipeng Qiu · Xuanjing Huang · David Wipf

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Hypergraphs are a powerful abstraction for representing higher-order interactions between entities of interest. To exploit these relationships in making downstream predictions, a variety of hypergraph neural network architectures have recently been proposed, in large part building upon precursors from the more traditional graph neural network (GNN) literature. Somewhat differently, in this paper we begin by presenting an expressive family of parameterized, hypergraph-regularized energy functions. We then demonstrate how minimizers of these energies effectively serve as node embeddings that, when paired with a parameterized classifier, can be trained end-to-end via a supervised bilevel optimization process. Later, we draw parallels between the implicit architecture of the predictive models emerging from the proposed bilevel hypergraph optimization, and existing GNN architectures in common use. Empirically, we demonstrate state-of-the-art results on various hypergraph node classification benchmarks. Code is available at

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