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Self-Attention Amortized Distributional Projection Optimization for Sliced Wasserstein Point-Cloud Reconstruction

Khai Nguyen · Dang Nguyen · Nhat Ho

Exhibit Hall 1 #505
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Max sliced Wasserstein (Max-SW) distance has been widely known as a solution for less discriminative projections of sliced Wasserstein (SW) distance. In applications that have various independent pairs of probability measures, amortized projection optimization is utilized to predict the ``max" projecting directions given two input measures instead of using projected gradient ascent multiple times. Despite being efficient, Max-SW and its amortized version cannot guarantee metricity property due to the sub-optimality of the projected gradient ascent and the amortization gap. Therefore, we propose to replace Max-SW with distributional sliced Wasserstein distance with von Mises-Fisher (vMF) projecting distribution (v-DSW). Since v-DSW is a metric with any non-degenerate vMF distribution, its amortized version can guarantee the metricity when performing amortization. Furthermore, current amortized models are not permutation invariant and symmetric. To address the issue, we design amortized models based on self-attention architecture. In particular, we adopt efficient self-attention architectures to make the computation linear in the number of supports. With the two improvements, we derive self-attention amortized distributional projection optimization and show its appealing performance in point-cloud reconstruction and its downstream applications

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