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Constant Matters: Fine-grained Error Bound on Differentially Private Continual Observation

Hendrik Fichtenberger · Monika Henzinger · Jalaj Upadhyay

Exhibit Hall 1 #331

Abstract: We study fine-grained error bounds for differentially private algorithms for counting under continual observation. Our main insight is that the matrix mechanism when using lower-triangular matrices can be used in the continual observation model. More specifically, we give an explicit factorization for the counting matrix $M_\mathsf{count}$ and upper bound the error explicitly. We also give a fine-grained analysis, specifying the exact constant in the upper bound. Our analysis is based on upper and lower bounds of the *completely bounded norm* (cb-norm) of $M_\mathsf{count}$. Along the way, we improve the best-known bound of 28 years by Mathias (SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications, 1993) on the cb-norm of $M_\mathsf{count}$ for a large range of the dimension of $M_\mathsf{count}$. Furthermore, we are the first to give concrete error bounds for various problems under continual observation such as binary counting, maintaining a histogram, releasing an approximately cut-preserving synthetic graph, many graph-based statistics, and substring and episode counting. Finally, we note that our result can be used to get a fine-grained error bound for non-interactive local learning and the first lower bounds on the additive error for $(\epsilon,\delta)$-differentially-private counting under continual observation. Subsequent to this work, Henzinger et al. (SODA, 2023) showed that our factorization also achieves fine-grained mean-squared error.

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