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Hyperbolic Image-text Representations

Karan Desai · Maximilian Nickel · Tanmay Rajpurohit · Justin Johnson · Ramakrishna Vedantam

Exhibit Hall 1 #137


Visual and linguistic concepts naturally organize themselves in a hierarchy, where a textual concept "dog" entails all images that contain dogs. Despite being intuitive, current large-scale vision and language models such as CLIP do not explicitly capture such hierarchy. We propose MERU, a contrastive model that yields hyperbolic representations of images and text. Hyperbolic spaces have suitable geometric properties to embed tree-like data, so MERU can better capture the underlying hierarchy in image-text datasets. Our results show that MERU learns a highly interpretable and structured representation space while being competitive with CLIP's performance on standard multi-modal tasks like image classification and image-text retrieval.

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