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Graph Generative Model for Benchmarking Graph Neural Networks

Minji Yoon · Yue Wu · John Palowitch · Bryan Perozzi · Ruslan Salakhutdinov

Exhibit Hall 1 #104
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As the field of Graph Neural Networks (GNN) continues to grow, it experiences a corresponding increase in the need for large, real-world datasets to train and test new GNN models on challenging, realistic problems. Unfortunately, such graph datasets are often generated from online, highly privacy-restricted ecosystems, which makes research and development on these datasets hard, if not impossible. This greatly reduces the amount of benchmark graphs available to researchers, causing the field to rely only on a handful of publicly-available datasets. To address this problem, we introduce a novel graph generative model, Computation Graph Transformer (CGT) that learns and reproduces the distribution of real-world graphs in a privacy-controlled way. More specifically, CGT (1) generates effective benchmark graphs on which GNNs show similar task performance as on the source graphs, (2) scales to process large-scale graphs, (3) incorporates off-the-shelf privacy modules to guarantee end-user privacy of the generated graph. Extensive experiments across a vast body of graph generative models show that only our model can successfully generate privacy-controlled, synthetic substitutes of large-scale real-world graphs that can be effectively used to benchmark GNN models.

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