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Facial Expression Recognition with Adaptive Frame Rate based on Multiple Testing Correction

Andrey Savchenko

Exhibit Hall 1 #714


In this paper, we consider the problem of the high computational complexity of video-based facial expression recognition. A novel sequential procedure is proposed with an adaptive frame rate selection in a short video fragment to speed up decision-making. We automatically adjust the frame rate and process fewer frames with a low frame rate for more straightforward videos and more frames for complex ones. To determine the frame rate at which an inference is sufficiently reliable, the Benjamini-Hochberg procedure from multiple comparisons theory is employed to control the false discovery rate. The main advantages of our method are an improvement of the trustworthiness of decision-making by maintaining only one hyper-parameter (false acceptance rate) and its applicability with arbitrary neural network models used as facial feature extractors without the need to re-train these models. An experimental study on datasets from ABAW and EmotiW challenges proves the superior performance (1.5-40 times faster) of the proposed approach compared to processing all frames and existing techniques with early exiting and adaptive frame selection.

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