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Efficient Transformed Gaussian Processes for Non-Stationary Dependent Multi-class Classification

Juan Maro├▒as Molano · Daniel Hern├índez-Lobato

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Abstract: This work introduces the Efficient Transformed Gaussian Process (ETGP), a new way of creating $C$ stochastic processes characterized by: 1) the $C$ processes are non-stationary, 2) the $C$ processes are dependent by construction without needing a mixing matrix, 3) training and making predictions is very efficient since the number of Gaussian Processes (GP) operations (e.g. inverting the inducing point's covariance matrix) do not depend on the number of processes. This makes the ETGP particularly suited for multi-class problems with a very large number of classes, which are the problems studied in this work. ETGP exploits the recently proposed Transformed Gaussian Process (TGP), a stochastic process specified by transforming a Gaussian Process using an invertible transformation. However, unlike TGP, ETGP is constructed by transforming a single sample from a GP using $C$ invertible transformations. We derive an efficient sparse variational inference algorithm for the proposed model and demonstrate its utility in 5 classification tasks which include low/medium/large datasets and a different number of classes, ranging from just a few to hundreds. Our results show that ETGP, in general, outperforms state-of-the-art methods for multi-class classification based on GPs, and has a lower computational cost (around one order of magnitude smaller).

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