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Towards Quantum Machine Learning for Constrained Combinatorial Optimization: a Quantum QAP Solver

Xinyu Ye · Ge Yan · Junchi Yan

Exhibit Hall 1 #211
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Combinatorial optimization (CO) on the graph is a crucial but challenging research topic. Recent quantum algorithms provide a new perspective for solving CO problems and have the potential to demonstrate quantum advantage. Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm (QAOA) is a well-known quantum heuristic for CO constructed by a parametric quantum circuit. However, QAOA is originally designed for unconstrained problems and the circuit parameters and solutions are jointly solved with time-consuming iterations. In this paper, we propose a novel quantum neural network (QNN) for learning CO problems in a supervised manner to achieve better and faster results. We focus on the Quadratic Assignment Problem (QAP) with matching constraints and the node permutation invariance property. To this end, a quantum neural network called QAP-QNN is devised to translate the QAP into a constrained vertex classification task. Moreover, we study two QAP tasks: Graph Matching and Traveling Salesman Problem on TorchQauntum simulators, and empirically show the effectiveness of our approach.

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