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Effective and Efficient Structural Inference with Reservoir Computing

Aoran Wang · Tsz Pan Tong · Jun Pang

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In this paper, we present an effective and efficient structural inference approach by integrating a Reservoir Computing (RC) network into a Variational Auto-encoder-based (VAE-based) structural inference framework. With the help of Bi-level Optimization, the backbone VAE-based method follows the Information Bottleneck principle and infers a general adjacency matrix in its latent space; the RC net substitutes the partial role of the decoder and encourages the whole approach to perform further steps of gradient descent based on limited available data. The experimental results on various datasets including biological networks, simulated fMRI data, and physical simulations show the effectiveness and efficiency of our proposed method for structural inference, either with much fewer trajectories or with much shorter trajectories compared with previous works.

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