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OMS-DPM: Optimizing the Model Schedule for Diffusion Probabilistic Models

Enshu Liu · Xuefei Ning · Zinan Lin · Huazhong Yang · Yu Wang

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Diffusion probabilistic models (DPMs) are a new class of generative models that have achieved state-of-the-art generation quality in various domains. Despite the promise, one major drawback of DPMs is the slow generation speed due to the large number of neural network evaluations required in the generation process. In this paper, we reveal an overlooked dimension---model schedule---for optimizing the trade-off between generation quality and speed. More specifically, we observe that small models, though having worse generation quality when used alone, could outperform large models in certain generation steps. Therefore, unlike the traditional way of using a single model, using different models in different generation steps in a carefully designed model schedule could potentially improve generation quality and speed simultaneously. We design OMS-DPM, a predictor-based search algorithm, to determine the optimal model schedule given an arbitrary generation time budget and a set of pre-trained models. We demonstrate that OMS-DPM can find model schedules that improve generation quality and speed than prior state-of-the-art methods across CIFAR-10, CelebA, ImageNet, and LSUN datasets. When applied to the public checkpoints of the Stable Diffusion model, we are able to accelerate the sampling by 2x while maintaining the generation quality.

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