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Near-Optimal Algorithms for Private Online Optimization in the Realizable Regime

Hilal Asi · Vitaly Feldman · Tomer Koren · Kunal Talwar

Exhibit Hall 1 #801

Abstract: We consider online learning problems in the realizable setting, where there is a zero-loss solution, and propose new Differentially Private (DP) algorithms that obtain near-optimal regret bounds. For the problem of online prediction from experts, we design new algorithms that obtain near-optimal regret $O \big( \varepsilon^{-1} \mathsf{poly}(\log{d}) \big)$ where $d$ is the number of experts. This significantly improves over the best existing regret bounds for the DP non-realizable setting which are $O \big( \varepsilon^{-1} \min\big\{d, \sqrt{T\log d}\big\} \big)$. We also develop an adaptive algorithm for the small-loss setting with regret $(L^\star+ \varepsilon^{-1}) \cdot O(\mathsf{poly}(\log{d}))$ where $L^\star$ is the total loss of the best expert. Additionally, we consider DP online convex optimization in the realizable setting and propose an algorithm with near-optimal regret $O \big(\varepsilon^{-1} \mathsf{poly}(d) \big)$, as well as an algorithm for the smooth case with regret $O \big( (\sqrt{Td}/\varepsilon)^{2/3} \big)$, both significantly improving over existing bounds in the non-realizable regime.

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