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A/B Testing in Network Data with Covariate-Adaptive Randomization

Jialu Wang · Ping Li · Feifang Hu

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Abstract: Users linked together through a network often tend to have similar behaviors. This phenomenon is usually known as network interaction. Users' characteristics, the covariates, are often correlated with their outcomes. Therefore, one should incorporate both the covariates and the network information in a carefully designed randomization to improve the estimation of the average treatment effect (ATE) in network A/B testing. In this paper, we propose a new adaptive procedure to balance both the network and the covariates. We show that the imbalance measures with respect to the covariates and the network are $O_p(1)$. We also demonstrate the relationships between the improved balances and the increased efficiency in terms of the mean square error (MSE). Numerical studies demonstrate the advanced performance of the proposed procedure regarding the greater comparability of the treatment groups and the reduction of MSE for estimating the ATE.

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