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LoSparse: Structured Compression of Large Language Models based on Low-Rank and Sparse Approximation

Yixiao Li · Yifan Yu · Qingru Zhang · Chen Liang · Pengcheng He · Weizhu Chen · Tuo Zhao

Exhibit Hall 1 #228


Transformer models have achieved remarkable results in various natural language tasks, but they are often prohibitively large, requiring massive memories and computational resources. To re- duce the size and complexity of these models, we propose LoSparse (Low-Rank and Sparse ap- proximation), a novel model compression tech- nique that approximates a weight matrix by the sum of a low-rank matrix and a sparse matrix. Our method combines the advantages of both low- rank approximations and pruning, while avoid- ing their limitations. Low-rank approximation compresses the coherent and expressive parts in neurons, while pruning removes the incoherent and non-expressive parts in neurons. Pruning enhances the diversity of low-rank approxima- tions, and low-rank approximation prevents prun- ing from losing too many expressive neurons. We evaluate our method on natural language under- standing, question answering, and natural lan- guage generation tasks. We show that it signif- icantly outperforms existing compression meth- ods. Our code is publicly available at https: //

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