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ReDi: Efficient Learning-Free Diffusion Inference via Trajectory Retrieval

Kexun Zhang · Xianjun Yang · William Wang · Lei Li

Exhibit Hall 1 #544

Abstract: Diffusion models show promising generation capability for a variety of data. Despite their high generation quality, the inference for diffusion models is still time-consuming due to the numerous sampling iterations required. To accelerate the inference, we propose ReDi, a simple yet learning-free Retrieval-based Diffusion sampling framework. From a precomputed knowledge base, ReDi retrieves a trajectory similar to the partially generated trajectory at an early stage of generation, skips a large portion of intermediate steps, and continues sampling from a later step in the retrieved trajectory. We theoretically prove that the generation performance of ReDi is guaranteed. Our experiments demonstrate that ReDi improves the model inference efficiency by 2$\times$ speedup. Furthermore, ReDi is able to generalize well in zero-shot cross-domain image generation such as image stylization. The code and demo for ReDi is available at

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