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Conditional Tree Matching for Inference-Time Adaptation of Tree Prediction Models

Harshit Varma · Abhijeet Awasthi · Sunita Sarawagi

Exhibit Hall 1 #210


We present CTreeOT, a convergent, differentiable algorithm for matching two trees when each tree is conditioned on some input. Such conditional tree matching is useful for light-weight, few-shot adaptation of tree prediction models without parameter fine-tuning. CTreeOT includes an alignment algorithm that extends the popular Sinkhorn algorithm for matching tree nodes while supporting constraints on tree edges. The algorithm involves alternating between matrix rescaling and message passing updates, and can be efficiently expressed as GPU tensor operations. The second part of CTreeOT is fine-grained relevance-based reweighting of nodes that makes the match scores useful for prediction tasks. We demonstrate the usefulness of CTreeOT for cross-schema adaptation of Text-to-SQL, a popular semantic parsing task. We show that compared to state-of-the-art methods, we achieve significant increase in adaptation accuracy.

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