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Adversarially Robust PAC Learnability of Real-Valued Functions

Idan Attias · Steve Hanneke

Exhibit Hall 1 #604

Abstract: We study robustness to test-time adversarial attacks in the regression setting with $\ell_p$ losses and arbitrary perturbation sets. We address the question of which function classes are PAC learnable in this setting. We show that classes of finite fat-shattering dimension are learnable in both the realizable and agnostic settings. Moreover, for convex function classes, they are even properly learnable. In contrast, some non-convex function classes provably require improper learning algorithms. Our main technique is based on a construction of an adversarially robust sample compression scheme of a size determined by the fat-shattering dimension. Along the way, we introduce a novel agnostic sample compression scheme for real-valued functions, which may be of independent interest.

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