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ED-Batch: Efficient Automatic Batching of Dynamic Neural Networks via Learned Finite State Machines

Siyuan Chen · Pratik Fegade · Tianqi Chen · Phillip Gibbons · Todd Mowry

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Batching has a fundamental influence on the efficiency of deep neural network (DNN) execution. However, for dynamic DNNs, efficient batching is particularly challenging as the dataflow graph varies per input instance. As a result, state-of-the-art frameworks use heuristics that result in suboptimal batching decisions. Further, batching puts strict restrictions on memory adjacency and can lead to high data movement costs. In this paper, we provide an approach for batching dynamic DNNs based on finite state machines, which enables the automatic discovery of batching policies specialized for each DNN via reinforcement learning. Moreover, we find that memory planning that is aware of the batching policy can save significant data movement overheads, which is automated by a PQ tree-based algorithm we introduce. Experimental results show that our framework speeds up state-of-the-art frameworks by on average 1.15x, 1.39x, and 2.45x for chain-based, tree-based, and lattice-based DNNs across CPU and GPU. The framework is open-sourced at

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