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Fast Sampling of Diffusion Models via Operator Learning

Hongkai Zheng · Weili Nie · Arash Vahdat · Kamyar Azizzadenesheli · Anima Anandkumar

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Diffusion models have found widespread adoption in various areas. However, their sampling process is slow because it requires hundreds to thousands of network evaluations to emulate a continuous process defined by differential equations. In this work, we use neural operators, an efficient method to solve the probability flow differential equations, to accelerate the sampling process of diffusion models. Compared to other fast sampling methods that have a sequential nature, we are the first to propose a parallel decoding method that generates images with only one model forward pass. We propose diffusion model sampling with neural operator (DSNO) that maps the initial condition, i.e., Gaussian distribution, to the continuous-time solution trajectory of the reverse diffusion process. To model the temporal correlations along the trajectory, we introduce temporal convolution layers that are parameterized in the Fourier space into the given diffusion model backbone. We show our method achieves state-of-the-art FID of 3.78 for CIFAR-10 and 7.83 for ImageNet-64 in the one-model-evaluation setting.

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