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Women in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Mental Health Applications

Mah Parsa · sepid parsa



Artificial intelligence (AI) has strengthened its progress, and AI positions are the top emerging jobs worldwide; however, the talented women, who could help AI organizations achieve their ambitions, have been underrepresented in the field. The 2020 World Economic Forum report has shown that women account for only 26% of data and AI positions in the workforce. On the other hand, About two percent of the world's population suffers from various types of mental health disorders. Psychological health problems, e.g., depression, are among the ten principal causes of disability in all countries. Due to the large scale of the problem, tackling it falls under one of the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations. Thus, it is critical to foster research partnerships that result in the development of AI-driven solutions to measure, diagnose, and treat mental and neurodegenerative disorders.

To promote women's roles in AI for mental health application, we aim to organize a virtual social event for international women in AI and ML and a physical, social event for women in AI and ML in Montreal: Establish informal science relationships with women researchers in AI research centers around the world. Facilitate formal technology partnerships with women CEOs and women in AI companies for Mental Health around the world. Highlight impacts of research projects by women in AI and ML for Mental Health Applications Develop AI-based assessment tools in doing early detection and real-world objective measurement of mental health problems.

Organizing such events will allow women in AI and ML working for Mental Health applications to expand their knowledge regarding ongoing AI research projects and innovative AI applications. They can also receive valuable feedback from other AI communities worldwide.

Events Schedule We will endeavor to organize an online social event for ICML 2022. The events will generally include one or two long talks (20 or 30 minutes) with keynote speakers, three lightning talks (5 to 10 minutes), and a panel discussion. Diversity Commitment The events’ organizers share a commitment to diversity among the organizers and invited speakers in terms of gender, race, experience, institutional affiliation, and field. We also attempt to request diverse people from as many places as possible (e.g., mailing lists, social media) to promote the social event.

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