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DSTAGNN: Dynamic Spatial-Temporal Aware Graph Neural Network for Traffic Flow Forecasting

Shiyong Lan · Yitong Ma · Weikang Huang · Wenwu Wang · Hongyu Yang · pyang li


Keywords: [ APP: Time Series ] [ DL: Graph Neural Networks ] [ Deep Learning ]


As a typical problem in time series analysis, traffic flow prediction is one of the most important application fields of machine learning. However, achieving highly accurate traffic flow prediction is a challenging task, due to the presence of complex dynamic spatial-temporal dependencies within a road network. This paper proposes a novel Dynamic Spatial-Temporal Aware Graph Neural Network (DSTAGNN) to model the complex spatial-temporal interaction in road network. First, considering the fact that historical data carries intrinsic dynamic information about the spatial structure of road networks, we propose a new dynamic spatial-temporal aware graph based on a data-driven strategy to replace the pre-defined static graph usually used in traditional graph convolution. Second, we design a novel graph neural network architecture, which can not only represent dynamic spatial relevance among nodes with an improved multi-head attention mechanism, but also acquire the wide range of dynamic temporal dependency from multi-receptive field features via multi-scale gated convolution. Extensive experiments on real-world data sets demonstrate that our proposed method significantly outperforms the state-of-the-art methods.

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