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Affinity Workshop

New In Machine Learning (NewInML)

Alice Lacan · Mélina Verger

Room 301 - 303


Following the previous NewInML workshop editions, our goal is to welcome newcomers in the community and provide them with some guidance to contribute to Machine Learning research fully and effectively.

We intend to host presentations appealing to ICML audiences eager to learn how to conduct their research from experienced researchers. The following topics will be addressed:
- Communicating your results
- Collaborations with ML researchers
- Coding best practices

Attendees who submit an extended abstract will get peer-reviewed and best selected abstracts will be presented by their authors. This year, we are also hosting a presentation on academic writing support tailored on the submissions. It is your opportunity to refine your academic writing skills and boost your chances to see your paper published at the next ICML conference.

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