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Workshop: Responsible Decision Making in Dynamic Environments

Safe and Robust Experience Sharing for Deterministic Policy Gradient Algorithms

Baturay Sa─člam · Dogan Can Cicek · Furkan Burak Mutlu · Suleyman Kozat


Learning in high dimensional continuous tasks is challenging, mainly when the experience replay memory is very limited. We introduce a simple yet effective experience sharing mechanism for deterministic policies in continuous action domains for the future off-policy deep reinforcement learning applications in which the allocated memory for the experience replay buffer is limited. To overcome the extrapolation error induced by learning from other agents' experiences, we facilitate our algorithm with a novel off-policy correction technique without any action probability estimates. We test the effectiveness of our method in challenging OpenAI Gym continuous control tasks and conclude that it can achieve a safe experience sharing across multiple agents and exhibits a robust performance when the replay memory is strictly limited.

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