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Workshop: The First Workshop on Pre-training: Perspectives, Pitfalls, and Paths Forward

PSP-HDRI+: A Synthetic Dataset Generator for Pre-Training of Human-Centric Computer Vision Models

Salehe Erfanian Ebadi · Salehe Erfanian Ebadi · Saurav Dhakad · Saurav Dhakad · Sanjay Vishwakarma · Sanjay Vishwakarma · Chunpu Wang · Chunpu Wang · You-Cyuan Jhang · Maciek Chociej · Maciek Chociej · Adam Crespi · Adam Crespi · Alex Thaman · Alex Thaman · Sujoy Ganguly · Sujoy Ganguly

Abstract: We introduce a new synthetic data generator PSP-HDRI$+$ that proves to be a superior pre-training alternative to ImageNet and other large-scale synthetic data counterparts. We demonstrate that pre-training with our synthetic data will yield a more general model that performs better than alternatives even when tested on out-of-distribution (OOD) sets. Furthermore, we show how our synthetic data generator has the potential for improvement by employing basic ablation strategies.

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