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Workshop: Hardware-aware efficient training (HAET)

RevBiFPN: The Fully Reversible Bidirectional Feature Pyramid Network

Vitaliy Chiley · Vithursan Thangarasa · Abhay Gupta · Anshul Samar · Joel Hestness · Dennis DeCoste


This work introduces the RevSilo, the first reversible module for bidirectional multi-scale feature fusion. Like other reversible methods, RevSilo eliminates the need to store hidden activations by recomputing them. Existing reversible methods, however, do not apply to multi-scale feature fusion and are therefore not applicable to a large class of networks. Bidirectional multi-scale feature fusion promotes local and global coherence and has become a de facto design principle for networks targeting spatially sensitive tasks e.g. HRNet and EfficientDet. When paired with high-resolution inputs, these networks achieve state-of-the-art results across various computer vision tasks, but training them requires substantial accelerator memory for saving large, multi-resolution activations. These memory requirements cap network size and limit progress. Using reversible recomputation, the RevSilo alleviates memory issues while still operating across resolution scales. Stacking RevSilos, we create RevBiFPN, a fully reversible bidirectional feature pyramid network. For classification, RevBiFPN is competitive with networks such as EfficientNet while using up to 19.8x lesser training memory. When fine-tuned on COCO, RevBiFPN provides up to a 2.5% boost in AP over HRNet using fewer MACs and a 2.4x reduction in training-time memory.

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