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Lossless Compression of Efficient Private Local Randomizers

Vitaly Feldman · Kunal Talwar

Keywords: [ Social Aspects of Machine Learning ] [ Privacy, Anonymity, and Security ]


Locally Differentially Private (LDP) Reports are commonly used for collection of statistics and machine learning in the federated setting. In many cases the best known LDP algorithms require sending prohibitively large messages from the client device to the server (such as when constructing histograms over a large domain or learning a high-dimensional model). Here we demonstrate a general approach that, under standard cryptographic assumptions, compresses every efficient LDP algorithm with negligible loss in privacy and utility guarantees. The practical implication of our result is that in typical applications every message can be compressed to the size of the server's pseudo-random generator seed. From this general approach we derive low-communication algorithms for the problems of frequency estimation and high-dimensional mean estimation. Our algorithms are simpler and more accurate than existing low-communication LDP algorithms for these well-studied problems.

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