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Explanations for Monotonic Classifiers.

Joao Marques-Silva · Thomas Gerspacher · Martin Cooper · Alexey Ignatiev · Nina Narodytska


Keywords: [ Social Aspects of Machine Learning ] [ Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency ]


In many classification tasks there is a requirement of monotonicity. Concretely, if all else remains constant, increasing (resp.~decreasing) the value of one or more features must not decrease (resp.~increase) the value of the prediction. Despite comprehensive efforts on learning monotonic classifiers, dedicated approaches for explaining monotonic classifiers are scarce and classifier-specific. This paper describes novel algorithms for the computation of one formal explanation of a (black-box) monotonic classi´Čüer. These novel algorithms are polynomial (indeed linear) in the run time complexity of the classifier. Furthermore, the paper presents a practically efficient model-agnostic algorithm for enumerating formal explanations.

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