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Graph Mixture Density Networks

Federico Errica · Davide Bacciu · Alessio Micheli


Keywords: [ Bayesian Deep Learning ]


We introduce the Graph Mixture Density Networks, a new family of machine learning models that can fit multimodal output distributions conditioned on graphs of arbitrary topology. By combining ideas from mixture models and graph representation learning, we address a broader class of challenging conditional density estimation problems that rely on structured data. In this respect, we evaluate our method on a new benchmark application that leverages random graphs for stochastic epidemic simulations. We show a significant improvement in the likelihood of epidemic outcomes when taking into account both multimodality and structure. The empirical analysis is complemented by two real-world regression tasks showing the effectiveness of our approach in modeling the output prediction uncertainty. Graph Mixture Density Networks open appealing research opportunities in the study of structure-dependent phenomena that exhibit non-trivial conditional output distributions.

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