FOP: Factorizing Optimal Joint Policy of Maximum-Entropy Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Tianhao Zhang · 岳珩 李 · Chen Wang · Guangming Xie · Zongqing Lu

Keywords: [ Reinforcement Learning and Planning -> Multi-Agent RL ]


Value decomposition recently injects vigorous vitality into multi-agent actor-critic methods. However, existing decomposed actor-critic methods cannot guarantee the convergence of global optimum. In this paper, we present a novel multi-agent actor-critic method, FOP, which can factorize the optimal joint policy induced by maximum-entropy multi-agent reinforcement learning (MARL) into individual policies. Theoretically, we prove that factorized individual policies of FOP converge to the global optimum. Empirically, in the well-known matrix game and differential game, we verify that FOP can converge to the global optimum for both discrete and continuous action spaces. We also evaluate FOP on a set of StarCraft II micromanagement tasks, and demonstrate that FOP substantially outperforms state-of-the-art decomposed value-based and actor-critic methods.

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