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Efficient Message Passing for 0–1 ILPs with Binary Decision Diagrams

Jan-Hendrik Lange · Paul Swoboda

Keywords: [ Combinatorial Optimization ]


We present a message passing method for 0–1 integer linear programs. Our algorithm is based on a decomposition of the original problem into subproblems that are represented as binary deci- sion diagrams. The resulting Lagrangean dual is solved iteratively by a series of efficient block coordinate ascent steps. Our method has linear iteration complexity in the size of the decomposi- tion and can be effectively parallelized. The char- acteristics of our approach are desirable towards solving ever larger problems arising in structured prediction. We present experimental results on combinatorial problems from MAP inference for Markov Random Fields, quadratic assignment, discrete tomography and cell tracking for develop- mental biology and show promising performance.

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