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SinIR: Efficient General Image Manipulation with Single Image Reconstruction

Jihyeong Yoo · Qifeng Chen

Keywords: [ Algorithms ] [ Unsupervised Learning ]


We propose SinIR, an efficient reconstruction-based framework trained on a single natural image for general image manipulation, including super-resolution, editing, harmonization, paint-to-image, photo-realistic style transfer, and artistic style transfer. We train our model on a single image with cascaded multi-scale learning, where each network at each scale is responsible for image reconstruction. This reconstruction objective greatly reduces the complexity and running time of training, compared to the GAN objective. However, the reconstruction objective also exacerbates the output quality. Therefore, to solve this problem, we further utilize simple random pixel shuffling, which also gives control over manipulation, inspired by the Denoising Autoencoder. With quantitative evaluation, we show that SinIR has competitive performance on various image manipulation tasks. Moreover, with a much simpler training objective (i.e., reconstruction), SinIR is trained 33.5 times faster than SinGAN (for 500x500 images) that solves similar tasks. Our code is publicly available at

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