Relative Deviation Margin Bounds

Corinna Cortes · Mehryar Mohri · Ananda Theertha Suresh

Keywords: [ Models of Learning and Generalization ]

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Wed 21 Jul 9 a.m. PDT — 11 a.m. PDT
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Abstract: We present a series of new and more favorable margin-based learning guarantees that depend on the empirical margin loss of a predictor. e give two types of learning bounds, in terms of either the Rademacher complexity or the empirical $\ell_\infty$-covering number of the hypothesis set used, both distribution-dependent and valid for general families. Furthermore, using our relative deviation margin bounds, we derive distribution-dependent generalization bounds for unbounded loss functions under the assumption of a finite moment. We also briefly highlight several applications of these bounds and discuss their connection with existing results.

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