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Feature Clustering for Support Identification in Extreme Regions

Hamid Jalalzai · RĂ©mi Leluc

Keywords: [ Algorithms ] [ Unsupervised Learning ]


Understanding the complex structure of multivariate extremes is a major challenge in various fields from portfolio monitoring and environmental risk management to insurance. In the framework of multivariate Extreme Value Theory, a common characterization of extremes' dependence structure is the angular measure. It is a suitable measure to work in extreme regions as it provides meaningful insights concerning the subregions where extremes tend to concentrate their mass. The present paper develops a novel optimization-based approach to assess the dependence structure of extremes. This support identification scheme rewrites as estimating clusters of features which best capture the support of extremes. The dimension reduction technique we provide is applied to statistical learning tasks such as feature clustering and anomaly detection. Numerical experiments provide strong empirical evidence of the relevance of our approach.

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