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Workshop: Workshop on Reinforcement Learning Theory

Finding the Near Optimal Policy via Reductive Regularization in MDPs

Wenhao Yang · Xiang Li · Guangzeng Xie · Zhihua Zhang

Abstract: Regularized Markov Decision processes (MDPs) serve as a smooth version of ordinary MDPs to encourage exploration. Given a regularized MDP, however, the optimal policy is often biased when evaluating the value function. Rather than making the coefficient $\lambda$ of regularized term sufficiently small, we propose a scheme by reducing $\lambda$ to approximate the optimal policy of the original MDP. We prove that the iteration complexity to obtain an $\varepsilon$-optimal policy could be maintained or even reduced in comparison with setting a sufficiently small $\lambda$ in both dynamic programming and policy gradient methods. In addition, there exists a strong duality connection between the reduction method and solving the original MDP directly, from which we can derive more adaptive reduction methods for certain reinforcement learning algorithms.

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