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Expo Workshop: PaddlePaddle-based Deep Learning at Baidu

Paddle Quantum: Towards Quantum Artificial Intelligence

Xin Wang


Quantum Computing (QC) is believed to be the heart of next-generation computing technology. With the recent exciting progress on quantum algorithms and technologies in experimental quantum computing, it becomes quite attractive to utilize the advantages of information processing in quantum computing to promote the development of artificial intelligence (AI), and to break through the bottleneck of R&D in the quantum area with current AI technologies. In this talk, we discuss the interplay between QC and AI, and show our strategies in tackling key challenges in this new field. We then introduce the Baidu Quantum Platform (BQP) with a particular focus on Paddle Quantum, a quantum machine learning toolkit developed based on Baidu's deep learning platform, PaddlePaddle. With the help of BQP and its further development, we expect to explore more possibilities of Quantum AI, to build a sustainable quantum ecosystem, and finally to achieve our vision that "Everyone Can Quantum."