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Workshop: Subset Selection in Machine Learning: From Theory to Applications

Multiple-criteria Based Active Learning with Fixed-size Determinantal Point Processes

Xueying ZHAN · Qing Li · Antoni Chan


Active learning (AL) aims to achieve greater accuracy with less training data by selecting the most useful data samples from which it learns. Single-criterion (i.e., informativeness and representativeness) based methods are simple and efficient; however, they lack adaptability to different real-world scenarios. In this paper, we introduce a multiple-criteria based AL algorithm, which incorporates three complementary criteria, i.e., informativeness, representativeness and diversity, to make appropriate selections in the AL rounds under different data types. We consider the selection process as a Determinantal Point Process, which good balance among these criteria. We refine the query selection strategy by both selecting the hardest unlabeled data sample and biasing towards the classifiers that are more suitable for the current data distribution. In addition, we also consider the dependencies and relationships between these data points in data selection by means of centroid-based clustering approaches.