ICML 2020
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Workshop on eXtreme Classification: Theory and Applications

Anna Choromanska · John Langford · Maryam Majzoubi · Yashoteja Prabhu

Fri 17 Jul, 6 a.m. PDT

Keywords:  eXtreme classification    multi-class classification    multi-label classification    large scale learning  

Extreme classification is a rapidly growing research area focusing on multi-class and multi-label problems, where the label space is extremely large. It brings many diverse approaches under the same umbrella including natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, information retrieval, recommendation systems, computational advertising, and embedding methods. Extreme classifiers have been deployed in many real-world applications in the industry ranging from language modelling to document tagging in NLP, face recognition to learning universal feature representations in computer vision, etc. Moreover, extreme classification finds application in recommendation, tagging, and ranking systems since these problems can be reformulated as multi-label learning tasks where each item to be ranked or recommended is treated as a separate label. Such reformulations have led to significant gains over traditional collaborative filtering and content-based recommendation techniques.

The proposed workshop aims to offer a timely collection of information to benefit the researchers and practitioners working in the aforementioned research fields of core supervised learning, theory of extreme classification, as well as application domains. These issues are well-covered by the Topics of Interest in ICML 2020. The workshop aims to bring together researchers interested in these areas to encourage discussion, facilitate interaction and collaboration and improve upon the state-of-the-art in extreme classification. The workshop will provide plethora of opportunities for research discussions, including poster sessions, invited talks, contributed talks, and a panel. During the panel the speakers will discuss challenges & opportunities in the field of extreme classification, in particular: 1) how to deal with the long tail labels problem?, 2) how to effectively combine deep learning approaches with extreme multi-label classification techniques?, 3) how to develop the theoretical foundations for this area? We expect a healthy participation from both industry and academia.

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