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Wed 8:00 Undirected Graphical Models as Approximate Posteriors
Arash Vahdat · Evgeny Andriyash · William Macready
Thu 23:40 Graph Representation Learning and Beyond (GRL+)
Petar Veličković · Michael M. Bronstein · Andreea Deac · Will Hamilton · Jessica Hamrick · Milad Hashemi · Stefanie Jegelka · Jure Leskovec · Renjie Liao · Federico Monti · Yizhou Sun · Kevin Swersky · Rex (Zhitao) Ying · Marinka Zitnik
Tue 9:00 Provable guarantees for decision tree induction: the agnostic setting
Guy Blanc · Jane Lange · Li-Yang Tan
Thu 17:00 Do We Need Zero Training Loss After Achieving Zero Training Error?
Takashi Ishida · Ikko Yamane · Tomoya Sakai · Gang Niu · Masashi Sugiyama
Thu 8:00 Emergence of Separable Manifolds in Deep Language Representations
Jonathan Mamou · Hang Le · Miguel A del Rio Fernandez · Cory Stephenson · Hanlin Tang · Yoon Kim · SueYeon Chung
Tue 14:00 Optimal Estimator for Unlabeled Linear Regression
Hang Zhang · Ping Li
Tue 13:00 Sequential Transfer in Reinforcement Learning with a Generative Model
Andrea Tirinzoni · Riccardo Poiani · Marcello Restelli
Tue 8:00 On the Unreasonable Effectiveness of the Greedy Algorithm: Greedy Adapts to Sharpness
Sebastian Pokutta · Mohit Singh · Alfredo Torrico
Wed 9:00 Low-Variance and Zero-Variance Baselines for Extensive-Form Games
Trevor Davis · Martin Schmid · Michael Bowling
Wed 5:00 Reinforcement Learning for Integer Programming: Learning to Cut
Yunhao Tang · Shipra Agrawal · Yuri Faenza
Wed 13:00 Up or Down? Adaptive Rounding for Post-Training Quantization
Markus Nagel · Rana Ali Amjad · Marinus van Baalen · Christos Louizos · Tijmen Blankevoort
Thu 6:00 Enhancing Simple Models by Exploiting What They Already Know
Amit Dhurandhar · Karthikeyan Shanmugam · Ronny Luss