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Wed 10:00 Causal Effect Estimation and Optimal Dose Suggestions in Mobile Health
Liangyu Zhu · Wenbin Lu · Rui Song
Mon 1:00 Machine Learning for Healthcare: Challenges, Methods, Frontiers
Mihaela van der Schaar
Wed 5:00 Adaptive Droplet Routing in Digital Microfluidic Biochips Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Tung-Che Liang · Zhanwei Zhong · Yaas Bigdeli · Tsung-Yi Ho · Krishnendu Chakrabarty · Richard Fair
Fri 4:30 Invited Talk: Learning despite the unknown - missing data imputation in healthcare
Mihaela van der Schaar
Wed 5:00 On Validation and Planning of An Optimal Decision Rule with Application in Healthcare Studies
Hengrui Cai · Wenbin Lu · Rui Song
Tue 14:00 Continuously Indexed Domain Adaptation
Hao Wang · Hao He · Dina Katabi
Wed 14:00 DeepCoDA: personalized interpretability for compositional health data
Thomas Quinn · Dang Nguyen · Santu Rana · Sunil Gupta · Svetha Venkatesh
Wed 13:00 Student-Teacher Curriculum Learning via Reinforcement Learning: Predicting Hospital Inpatient Admission Location
Rasheed El-Bouri · David Eyre · Peter Watkinson · Tingting Zhu · David Clifton
Thu 8:00 Cost-Effective Interactive Attention Learning with Neural Attention Processes
Jay Heo · Junhyeon Park · Hyewon Jeong · Kwang Joon Kim · Juho Lee · Eunho Yang · Sung Ju Hwang
Tue 9:00 BoXHED: Boosted eXact Hazard Estimator with Dynamic covariates
Xiaochen Wang · Arash Pakbin · Bobak Mortazavi · Hongyu Zhao · Donald Lee
Tue 13:00 Frequentist Uncertainty in Recurrent Neural Networks via Blockwise Influence Functions
Ahmed Alaa · Mihaela van der Schaar
Wed 10:00 Temporal Phenotyping using Deep Predictive Clustering of Disease Progression
Changhee Lee · Mihaela van der Schaar