ICML 2020
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7th ICML Workshop on Automated Machine Learning (AutoML 2020)

Frank Hutter · Joaquin Vanschoren · Marius Lindauer · Charles Weill · Katharina Eggensperger · Matthias Feurer · Matthias Feurer

Keywords:  neural architecture search    automated data science    automated pipeline generation    automated machine learning    hyperparameter optimization  

Machine learning has achieved considerable successes in recent years, but this success often relies on human experts, who construct appropriate features, design learning architectures, set their hyperparameters, and develop new learning algorithms. Driven by the demand for off-the-shelf machine learning methods from an ever-growing community, the research area of AutoML targets the progressive automation of machine learning aiming to make effective methods available to everyone. Hence, the workshop targets a broad audience ranging from core machine learning researchers in different fields of ML connected to AutoML, such as neural architecture search, hyperparameter optimization, meta-learning, and learning to learn, to domain experts aiming to apply machine learning to new types of problems.

The schedule is wrt CEST (i.e., the time zone of Vienna)

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