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Online Multi-Kernel Learning with Graph-Structured Feedback

Pouya M Ghari · Yanning Shen

Keywords: [ Kernel Methods ] [ General Machine Learning Techniques ]


Multi-kernel learning (MKL) exhibits reliable performance in nonlinear function approximation tasks. Instead of using one kernel, it learns the optimal kernel from a pre-selected dictionary of kernels. The selection of the dictionary has crucial impact on both the performance and complexity of MKL. Specifically, inclusion of a large number of irrelevant kernels may impair the accuracy, and increase the complexity of MKL algorithms. To enhance the accuracy, and alleviate the computational burden, the present paper develops a novel scheme which actively chooses relevant kernels. The proposed framework models the pruned kernel combination as feedback collected from a graph, that is refined 'on the fly.' Leveraging the random feature approximation, we propose an online scalable multi-kernel learning approach with graph feedback, and prove that the proposed algorithm enjoys sublinear regret. Numerical tests on real datasets demonstrate the effectiveness of the novel approach.

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