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MetaFun: Meta-Learning with Iterative Functional Updates

Jin Xu · Jean-Francois Ton · Hyunjik Kim · Adam Kosiorek · Yee-Whye Teh


Keywords: [ Meta-learning and Automated ML ] [ Transfer, Multitask and Meta-learning ]


We develop a functional encoder-decoder approach to supervised meta-learning, where labeled data is encoded into an infinite-dimensional functional representation rather than a finite-dimensional one. Furthermore, rather than directly producing the representation, we learn a neural update rule resembling functional gradient descent which iteratively improves the representation. The final representation is used to condition the decoder to make predictions on unlabeled data. Our approach is the first to demonstrates the success of encoder-decoder style meta-learning methods like conditional neural processes on large-scale few-shot classification benchmarks such as miniImageNet and tieredImageNet, where it achieves state-of-the-art performance.

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