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Temporal Logic Point Processes

Shuang Li · Lu Wang · Ruizhi Zhang · xiaofu Chang · Xuqin Liu · Yao Xie · Yuan Qi · Le Song

Keywords: [ Time Series and Sequence Models ] [ Sequential, Network, and Time-Series Modeling ]


We propose a modeling framework for event data and aim to answer questions such as {\it when} and {\it why} the next event would happen. Our proposed model excels in small data regime with the ability to incorporate domain knowledge in terms of logic rules. We model the dynamics of the event starts and ends via intensity function with the structures informed by a set of first-order temporal logic rules. Using the softened representation of temporal relations, and a weighted combination of logic rules, our probabilistic model can deal with uncertainty in events. Furthermore, many well-known point processes (e.g., Hawkes process, self-correcting point process) can be interpreted as special cases of our model given simple temporal logic rules. Our model, therefore, riches the family of point processes. We derive a maximum likelihood estimation procedure for our model and show that it can lead to accurate predictions when data are sparse and domain knowledge is critical.

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