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Evolutionary Topology Search for Tensor Network Decomposition

Chao Li · Zhun Sun

Keywords: [ Representation Learning ] [ Matrix/Tensor Methods ] [ General Machine Learning Techniques ]


Tensor network (TN) decomposition is a promising framework to represent extremely high-dimensional problems with few parameters. However, it is challenging to search the (near-)optimal topological structure for TN decomposition, since the number of candidate solutions exponentially grows with increasing the order of a tensor. In this paper, we claim that this issue can be practically tackled by evolutionary algorithms in an affordable manner. We encode the complex topological structures into binary strings, and develop a simple genetic meta-algorithm to search the optimal topology on Hamming space. The experimental results by both synthetic and real-world data demonstrate that our method can effectively discover the ground-truth topology or even better structures with few number of generations, and significantly boost the representational power of TN decomposition compared with well-known tensor-train (TT) or tensor-ring (TR) models.

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